FAQs and Environmental Certifications

Product FAQs

You’re joking! Is ReLeaf® actually made with recycled cable boxes?

Yes! We had a crazy idea to clean up after the cable industry and turn their waste into something good for the environment and good for consumers. We discovered there is an entire industry built on recycling electronics (from televisions to cell phones to cable boxes), so we partnered with a company to provide us with the plastic from these discarded cable boxes that is then ground up into what we call MohuGrind. What company is that, you ask? Well, we actually can’t tell you because Big Cable has such a stronghold on many businesses, that the company asked to remain anonymous for fear of cable’s retribution. But with 2.6 million cable boxes in US homes currently, there is plenty of material for ReLeaf.

Okay cool, but what’s the difference between ReLeaf® and your original Leaf 30 antenna?

ReLeaf isn’t just paper-thin, it’s actually paper. We took the same technology and design of Leaf 30 and reimagined it with eco-friendly materials. ReLeaf mimics Leaf 30 dimensions and design, but the flat “sandwich” is made from 30% post-consumer recycled paper and the plastic “clamshell” from, well you know by now, recycled and ground up cable boxes. It still comes with a 10-foot coaxial cable and 30-mile signal reception range.

Awesome! Except, I live farther than 30 miles from the broadcast towers. Will there be an amplified ReLeaf® available?

The short answer is “yes.” The longer answer is “our plan is to eventually take our entire antenna line eco-friendly, and ReLeaf is just the beginning. That said, we still have a lot of work to do on our end to research and develop the entire process for all our products, from amplifiers to coaxial cables and more. We’re incredibly excited to take this first step with ReLeaf, and we can’t wait to dive in further.”

I like that Mohu’s antennas are made in the USA. Is this true for ReLeaf®, too?

Absolutely. Not only are the materials for ReLeaf sourced, processed and manufactured here in the US (much of which originates as close to NC as possible to help reduce our carbon footprint), but ReLeaf is also assembled here in Raleigh at our headquarters by our fabulous team of Mohuligans.

General FAQs

Where can I recycle electronics?

Visit GreenerGadgets.org and enter your zip code to find electronics recycling locations near you.

What is e-cycling?

Visit National Center for Electronics Recycling to learn more about the importance of recycling electronic devices and how the devices are processed.

Where can I learn more about greener living?

There are many resources available, but this guide from the EPA is a good starting point offering basic tips on greener living in many areas of your life.

Visit our Knowledge Base for general antenna information and setup tips.

ReLeaf® Environmental Certifications

  • FSC® Certified, ensuring all environment papers meet the mark of responsible forestry.
  • Green-e Certified, ensuring all environment papers are made with 100% renewable green electricity.
  • Green Seal Certified, ensuring all environment papers are made with a minimum of 30% post consumer fiber and that mill processes, including packaging, are environmentally preferable.
  • Carbon Neutral Plus, ensuring a reduction in carbon emissions plus a commitment to conserve the environment.
  • All 100% post consumer colors are Processed Chlorine Free (PCF).
  • Adhesive on inside of sandwich uses rubber based products that are natural and do not use solvents (better for environment).
  • Plastic clamshell is made from 100% recycled cable and satellite set-top boxes, which we’ve dubbed MohuGrind.